The Royal British Legion

Thank you

Above The Line campaign. 

The campaign has generated a phenomenal PR response and created a big impact in the mind of the nation.

2018 marked the centenary of the end of the First World War and Leagas Delaney were tasked with developing a campaign for the Royal British Legion that not only recognised the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces, but by also saying thank you to those men, women and children who remained on the Home Front, and the legacies that flowered from the hardship.

The 'Thank You' campaign needed to be central in the immediate weeks leading up to Remembrance Day. It also needed to appeal to a younger and broader section of society than had previously been targeted. The challenge to us was to build positive impactful message about the innovations and legacies that came out of the war and say thank you.

We developed a film in which a star-studded cast recognises the pioneering innovations in medicine and technology that came out of the war, such as prosthetics and parachutes. To pack a punch, the carefully selected cast of national treasures delivered our message and thanked the First World War generation for an innovation that was personally relevant or pertinent to them in some way.

A big part of the roll-out strategy was to be seen and heard at key moments and places of national importance. So, pushing for a 60 second TV spot during the X-Factor or ensuring high-profile OOH sites showcased ‘Thank you’ message for 2 min at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month was crucial.