Royal Salute

Introducing the New Royals

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Royal Salute is the second largest prestige Scotch whisky brand in the world, but it was at risk. Although seen as luxurious and prestigious, it was perceived as old-fashioned. We needed to future-proof the brand, build their brand equity and simultaneously justify the product premium.

We broke it down by showcasing the brand’s rich heritage through a contemporary lens, establishing it with a new generation of audiences and reaffirming Royal Salute in a position as the ultimate Scotch whisky.

Created in 1953 for the coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Salute is a rich blend, known for its Royal heritage and luxury status. So, we embraced the ‘royal’ element of the brand, by looking at the target audience’s values of success and redefined them in a modern and aspirational way through the platform
“Create your own Kingdom”.

To build on the brand’s regal credentials, we created a cinematic world that features ‘new royals’ shot in the opulent British palace, Hatfield House, in Hertfordshire. The campaign features a real lion, the iconic symbol of the brand, which is a common thread present across all creative communications.