Numbers Can Be Extraordinary

Global integrated consumer and retail campaign. 

Following the campaign, Drinks International awarded Penfolds the title of the ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’. They saw a significant increase in brand awareness and intent to purchase the wine across four continents. And what's more astonishing, Penfold's ran out of certain wines and was forced to create a waiting list.

We took a relatively unknown, local Australian wine brand and helped them grow globally by building an irrational preference and therefore providing them with an unfair competitive advantage. 

To create the global cut-through we established Penfolds as a global luxury icon – in other words, created a category of its own.

Australian wine, in many international markets, is perceived as low quality and is expected to be cheap. On top of this, the wine category is saturated and full of indistinguishable brands. They typically emphasize taste (fruity, bold, velvety) or provenance, rather than building long-term brand preference. 

Penfolds make excellent wine. However, their method of signifying each expression of wine with different Bin number, rather than a blend name, which is not reflective of neither quality nor price, was confusing to both
consumers and trade.

We identified an opportunity to take the confusing, random numbering system and used those numbers as a way of decoding wines online and offline and providing our audience with stories behind each bottle. 

The integrated campaign, ‘Numbers Can Be Extraordinary’, appeared across every touchpoint of the customer experience in 12 countries and 9 languages.