The spirit of winning

Social, digital and Above The Line campaign.

The awareness campaign had over 4.2m impressions. Almost half of the people watched the video
until the end. 

Investec CIB goes above and beyond for their clients, pushing themselves and constantly raising the bar to achieve results. 

The campaign was brought about by Investec’s long-standing relationship with rugby star Owen Farrell to promote the values he shares with the bank: constantly raising the bar and pushing yourself to be truly extraordinary in your field.

The film is shot in black and white, with dramatic lighting to highlight the beautiful simplicity of a night-time training session. It’s filmed in Harpenden, Owen’s local training ground, on the same pitch he learned to play rugby on to capture his grit and determination to succeed. 

Originally planned as a stand alone social film, the campaign received growing attention and engagement from the wider public. As a result, we adopted the campaign for ATL and social. Most importantly, it became a regular feature during the Rugby World Cup conversation.