Creating a new category for a premium chocolate brand

Leagas Delaney deferred a percentage of their fee for Firetree shares. Developed brand identity, positioning, category definition, US campaign. 

Following the launch, Firetree is now sold in selected premium retailers, M&S and Amazon.

Firetree is a start-up chocolate brand that had identified a clear gap in the market for a super-premium brand. Working collaboratively, we were tasked with creating a brand to disrupt the category.  We shaped the identity of their brand by leveraging its core USP: the unique taste notes that are influenced by the remote volcanic islands on which the beans are grown.

We created a completely new chocolate category in a crowded and oversaturated market – ‘Volcanic chocolate’ – for both European and US markets. We then designed a brand story around this differentiating factor. 

Our team developed a new brand identity, packaging, tone of voice, visual world and the e-commerce site to stand out in the market and justify a price premium.

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