Elephant Family

Helping the charity to promote coexistence between humans and animals

Elephant Family is a dynamic charity whose mission is to save the Asian elephant and other forgotten species from extinction by raising funds through art and adventure. Co-founded by the British travel writer and conservationist, Mark Shand, Elephant Family is determined to honour his adventurous spirit. Their keystone work in Asian elephant conservation has brought them fame through campaigns and events such as Elephant Parade India, The Animal Ball, The Big Egg Hunt and Travels to my Elephant.

With the growing environmental concerns, they have broadened their horizons and begun to focus on the coexistence between humans and animals. Both Asian wildlife and their human neighbours need protecting in this new world where space and resources are rapidly shrinking.

To highlight this new campaign, CoExistence, they came to us for a brand structure and identity for their US market. The design identity needed to be able to flex from optimistic and simple, for events and exhibitions, to more informed and confident, better suited to conservation conferences. Ultimately, the charity is energetic and positive, something we wanted to clearly represent. We also created a website and a manifesto film for the Animal Ball as a call to action for donations.