The Pleasure of Precision Engineering

Global integrated campaign. 

Our campaign tested the best in brand awareness and impact metrics for any Bosch Home Appliances
in five years.

The home appliances category is a low-interest one, where brands compete on incremental wins on product features and benefits. We decided to differentiate Bosch by shifting the focus to long-term brand building.

As one of the world’s oldest engineering brands, we could confidently utilise their expertise to elevate Bosch above the rest. Engineers exist to make things, and the world, more pleasurable by solving real problems; making things quicker, lighter, slimmer, stronger, cleaner. Therefore, we wanted to make Bosch synonymous with “The Pleasures of Precision Engineering”.

Bosch doesn’t just make products that work well or look good, they also do good. Whether they are focusing on saving precious resources such as water or creating innovative ways to keep food fresh for longer. Our creative platform, ‘Bosch has a view’, combines the pleasure of things that work with perfect results and pleasure of making a difference to the world.