Giving the whole world reasons to be optimistic

Corporate Mission. Global integrated B2B campaigns. 

BASF brand awareness increased by 21% and their brand trust rose to 88%. 

BASF, the largest chemical producer in the world, came to us with a multi-layered, complex and integrated B2B brief to raise their brand profile with the general public and at the same time build their long term brand equity as a provider of intelligent, sustainable innovation, contributing to a better future. On top of this, our communications had to unify the organisation globally, creating a motivating purpose for their 122,000 employees.

We took a macro view. There are currently so many issues in the world: energy over-consumption, growing population, environmental disasters, depletion of natural resources, etc.

Whilst solutions to environmental issues will come from different sources, science and chemistry are likely to play a huge role in solving them. BASF is driven by innovations in these fields and could credibly take an active lead role as a driver of progress. 

We identified that all BASF engineers and scientists come to work every day because they sincerely believe they can solve the problems our planet faces. Despite all the negativity that surrounds them, they are determined to change the planet for the better.

It was this optimism that became the foundation of the brand platform that connects with all our target audiences: BASF are optimistic about the future.

We developed BASF’s corporate visual identity, rolled out the employee engagement programme and internal communication collateral. From there, we united the communications across multiple Business Units with one centralised theme: “Optimism”. 

The ‘Optimism’ platform became a communications bedrock and mantra for the company both
internally and externally.

BASF scores have increased and are the highest compared to their competitors on the topics of Sustainability (88%), Innovation (90%) and most importantly, Optimism (90%).