Thoughts — 25 Apr 2018
By Fergus Hay

Fergus Hay on IAB UK's "mobile accounts for almost half of all digital ad spend"

by Fergus Hay

Smartphone video was the fastest growing format for advertising according to research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC.

Fergus Hay shares his thoughts on the statistics:

“Though it’s tempting to focus on individual channels when data like this is published, we as an industry need to fight the urge to be too channel-focused. We need to be client and customer-focused. After all, ‘advertising’ isn’t even the right word anymore for what we do.

“At its inception “advertising” focused on identifying the levers we need to pull with our clients to drive their market growth. These figures need to be interpreted against the wider picture; success isn’t about spend in the market or across channels, it’s about market share growth for clients. Given the current commercial climate, the focus of agencies should be on growing their clients’ businesses with top tier creative ideas that solve real problems that brands face.”