News — 31 Oct 2018
By Leagas Delaney

Patek Philippe transforms its women's watch offering with the new Twenty-4 Automatic

Patek Philippe’s collections for women have been few and far between. In 1999, Twenty-4 launched – a rectangular, wear-everyday accessory that proved (and still is) a massive hit. Its movement was quartz for ease and accuracy, yet somewhat at odds with Patek’s Grand Complications and in-house calibres.

Nineteen years on, and a new iteration has arrived. The Twenty-4 Automatic is a circular watch with an automatic movement. Thierry Stern, Patek president, concedes that its catalyst came from outside of the firm.

“I’ve travelled the world, and so have my commercial teams, and everyone has been asking for a dedicated automatic watch for women,” he says. “And so, this is our answer.”

Available in steel or rose gold, all with a 36mm case and diamond set-bezel, its proportions and form were dictated by the mechanics inside.

“We built the case around the movement, which is one of the thinnest and most accurate,” says Stern, before acknowledging it was his wife, Sandrine Stern, Patek head of creation, who was the driving force behind the aesthetics.

“I’m humble enough to know I can’t design a ladies’ watch,” he adds. “And Sandrine was tough, we got through at least 40 prototypes before we settled on this final design.”

Patek’s customary perfectionism explains what sounded like a laborious process; the integration of the bracelet on to the bezel proved challenging, as did finessing the dial design to create a modern-looking watch.

The result, though, is a well-proportioned model, with clear hand-applied Arabic numerals, a date window at 6 o’clock and a sunburst or satin-finished face.

Stern is characteristically candid about the new Twenty-4. “Is it totally new? No, but I’m very proud, and you can like it or not like it. But one thing, and it’s important to say, we will never make this watch for men. A man could buy it, but he’d be a fool.”

A fool or not, the Twenty-4 Automatic marks an important development for Patek – one that has been a long time coming.