News — 12 Apr 2019
By Leagas Delaney

Leagas Delaney ranked 3rd in New Business wins by Campaign

by Leagas Delaney

2018 was tough.

We worked like dogs and celebrated like lions. We pushed hard, jumped high and sometimes landed face down.

But mostly we won.

Probably not because we are the best or the smartest, but because we tried harder and we wanted it more. We tried to walk in the shoes of those who put their trust in us, and we tried hard to show how we can help turn their fortunes around.

It paid off.

AAR and Campaign named us 3rd in the UK for pitch wins, and joint 1st for most wins without a pitch.

We have a great circle of clients, who are our team as much as we are theirs. Now the real work begins.


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