The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club


The Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda first opened its doors in 1885 and for years enjoyed attracting the most elite of travellers of the day from the likes of Mark Twain, Ian Fleming and Muhammed Ali. But then it all changed. Whether it was due to a weak tourism board, the economic downturn, or perceptions of the island as an outmoded getaway, Bermuda, and the hotel, lost its shine.

In 2012 The Green Family had a vision to return the hotel to its former glory and put Bermuda back on the map. They built a 60 berth marina, a harbour side infinity pool, two new restaurants and an exclusive gym and spa. To counter that they aren’t situated on a stretch of the Bermuda’s famed pink sand beaches, they also built a new beach club in a sheltered cove on the island’s south shore.



Hamilton Princess How Long Does It Take Photography


Following the $100 million renovation, in 2016 we were appointed to create a ‘new’ brand world for Hamilton Princess and drive awareness of the new facilities they had on offer. As Bermuda is only a 2 hour flight from the East Coast of America, we were specifically asked to focus on the proximity of the Island for those wanting to escape the city for a few days.

As the newly renovated hotel has so much to offer we wanted to seduce the millennial leisure travellers with constant, surprising reasons to visit, so used the provocative headline ‘How long does it take to’ and a list of superlatives to bring the idea to life.

Hamilton Princess How Long Does It Take Print Advert

We worked with the highly regarded photographer, Anders Overgaard, to photograph and film the hotel as his imagery is known to possess a fresh vitality that we wanted to convey in our campaign. Anders imagery also provides a sense that he has captured stolen moments which are completely un-staged, which we used to tell the story of a few friends away for a fun and exclusive weekend away.

Hamilton Princess How Long Does It Take Photography

To make everything look aspirational we used top calibre models against the hotel backdrop which provided a sense of glamour and vibrancy at all times; ensuring we convey The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club as the go-to destination getaway which would put the hotel and Bermuda firmly back on the map.

Hamilton Princess How Long Does It Take Photography