News — 22 Nov 2019
By Fergus Hay speaking on Euronews

"Google regulations on political advertising is self appointed ethics"

by Fergus Hay speaking on Euronews

"The democratic process needs a sense of ethical regulation on this issue. The manipulation of targeted media by political parties over the last few elections both in the US and Europe has caused a great distortion of the democratic process.

The challenge that we have here is that it's still self-appointed ethics. Google has reacted to public pressure and to Twitter's movement to launch their own new policy. But where do they draw the line?

They make their money out of micro-targeting and that comes out of brands and companies using that micro-targeting to sell their wears. So if Google decided political parties need regulating, what about gambling companies? What about alcohol companies? What about credit companies? In the end, Google's self-appointed ethics will crash up against the demand for shareholder value."