News — 21 May 2019
By Leagas Delaney

Fergus Hay talks Huawei and the US relationship on BBC

by Leagas Delaney

Trade war just a skirmish for Huawei as it eyes 5G 

It’s evident that the smartphone market is saturated and commoditised. Most people have multiple devices, so access to data and services has become the main selling point when it comes to handsets or, often more powerfully, the brand - with Samsung and Apple as the dominant players.

In this sense, being cut off from Google services puts Huawei, a brand that is less established in the West, on the back foot on both fronts.

However this a short term challenge for the Chinese tech giant. It’s playing the long game and readying itself for the battle for 5G infrastructure - something that the East is far ahead of the West in terms of developing.

Huawei is eyeing this prize because it has the potential to fundamentally change business and society in the same way as the internet or smartphones have in the past. 

These inflexion points in technological advancement are profitable to emerge victorious from, as Apple and Google well know. 

They might just have some serious competition this time.