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We asked, rhetorically, why a private bank would want to advertise. Then we decided to answer the question ourselves: if Pictet didn’t speak, others would speak for it. So how do you address some of the most intelligent and worldly people on the planet; people who eschew advertising as irrelevant to their daily lives?

The only way we could conceive of entering these lives was through a series of small conversations.

Insightful thoughts about Pictet’s beliefs, values, working practices. Embellished by photography that ‘mildly subverts expectations.’

In the digital age, with many new ways of interrupting people, the power of simplicity and conviction should not be underestimated.

Airport out of home

Pictet OOH Advertisements
Pictet Small Conversations Print Advert

Example print executions

Pictet Partners – shot by Nadav Kander in 2015

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