40 Years 40 Ads — 16 Nov 2020
By Leagas Delaney

Post 22/40 - Plant for the Planet ‘Stop Talking Start Planting’

2009. We all know it. Politicians talk. But do not act. The children's organisation Plant-for-the-Planet asked us for a communication concept.

Our motto and strong call to action: Stop Talking. Start Planting. The key visual: children all over the planet shut the mouths of celebrities.

A campaign that was launched in Geneva 2009 started with Prince Albert and Princess Haya of Jordan. Giselle Bündchen and Harrison Ford were shot in 2010. By now more than 200 motifs with kings, queens, rock stars and many other leaders have been produced.

Client: Plant for the Planet / Title: 'Stop Talking Start Planting' / Office: Hamburg