40 Years 40 Ads — 13 Nov 2020
By Leagas Delaney

Post 21/40 - Coty L'Aimant ‘Casablanca’

1982. ‘He couldn’t light a birthday cake’ was the memorable line aimed at the DP by our producer as we were still shooting this Leagas Delaney London spot for Coty at 2am. Paul Weiland worked his magic and the Bogie double really did look like Bogie.

We had great fun as we started to grow the agency – this client was our 5th. It was hard work but worth it. Not sure that I would advise anyone to do it now though – everyone offers everything, whether it’s true or not.

Client: Coty L'Aimant | Title: ‘Casablanca’ | Office: London